Packaging and quality

The peculiarity and nutritional value of olive oil leads producers to the adoption of packaging that maintains the quality of the product unaltered using materials that provide protection from air and light. A basic prerequisite for maintaning the quality, flavor and aroma of the olive oil, apart from being stored in a shady place (16 – 18 Celcious […]

Recreating the most iconic condiment packaging, for a great cause

Here at DK Marketing, we want to be up for any challenge; even if it means we have to reinvent the wheel. So when our client, Condito, wanted to differentiate their mustard containers, we felt we were ready to jump into action. The task wasn’t that simple as it sounds; the symbolic shape and color […]

12 steps to Proper Packaging – Packaging Specifications by DK Consultants

Do you really know what each color means? Knowing the emotion that each color causes, you can create the right packaging for your product. So: Red: Increases blood circulation and heart rate by creating a sense of hunger. Therefore, it is the ideal color for dining areas (especially fast food) and food packaging. Yellow: Creates […]