UK accession to the newly formed CPTPP by end of 2022 will be no walk in the park!

In a brilliant article by Chris Horseman, 28/09/2022 in Borderlex, the stark difference between acceding to an existing trading agreement CPTPP and a new Free Trade Agreement, such as we signed with New Zealand and Australia recently, is clear. Indeed, the fact that we worked quickly to gain those agreements is now playing against the […]

Is it possible that the Brits no longer care about keeping up with the Jones’?

GLOBAL CONSUMERS ARE CHOOSING TO LIVE WITH LESS AND ARE RE-EVALUATING THEIR PURCHASES Consumers perceive as “normal” the new behaviors they have been forced to develop since the start of the pandemic, according to the results of a global survey by EY. Climate change and the search for complete and satisfying experiences are now more […]